WYT-102 rethinking FORGIVENESS


This book can change every relationship in your life, your memory, and your future.

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While everyone has sinned and needs forgiveness, everyone has also been sinned against and needs to forgive.

The verb to forgive literally means to remit, or to pay in full. We dismiss
a person’s debt to us when we forgive him, and forgiving brings his
account to zero. However, our emotions and our memories will not let
us stay at zero, so we enter the cycle of forgiving, remembering, forgiving
again, remembering again, and so on, over and over.

What makes this book different?

In Rethinking Forgiveness you will learn how to go beyond forgiving
and be fully and  finally free of the wounds of your past. To move past
zero we must put something into the offender’s account.  The simple
solution comes when we add a blessing after we forgive. Most everyone
grasps the importance of forgiveness, but you will learn how to forgive
and make it stick. You will understand the power of blessing and put
that power to work using the included handbook of 1001 blessings.

Paul Nison interviews Michael O’shields about his book.


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